Meaning & Consequences

Destination by definition

The personal significance of consciousness can only be defined by every man for himself. Who brings being and will-have into line, defines his future. Global and cross-cultural there are unprecedented challenges to solve. Be it climate change, environmental degradation, social inequality, hunger, wars, energy consumption, overpopulation, or the curtailment of personal rights and state control. No nation or elite can isolate, because everything is connected and has economic resonances with the author.

Since the time of the Enlightenment an order-thinking took place in our turn-time. With numerous and far-reaching changes in the economy, politics, society, and (the appreciation of) education. Great thinkers, movers and Nobel Prize winners of our time have to postulate theories helpful. Logical impact of this necessary change are given here only for example.

"Humility means persistent effort in the service of humanity. God is always on duty."
Mahatma Gandhi

There is unlimited growth

Knowledge is increased when you share it. Analogous like Love grows when it is wasted. Knowledge in the age of information society is no longer used as an information ledge. Instead, especially in times of crisis, banks and exchange-stocks will provide their (insider) knowledge of politics and economy for the benefit of all.

“No words – acts!”
Mira Alfassa

Teacher with pupils

No more "-ism"

No dogmatism, fatalism or fascism. Each extreme is an extreme and is thus not the whole. Parties are available as the current symbol for a particular part that opens for “the whole” and increasingly cooperate. Materialistic, intolerant (religious) and dualistic forms will increasingly give way to tolerance and eventually integrate in a very non-judging humanistic form of society.

"If there is a faith that can move mountains, it is the belief in one's own strength."

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Individuality and individuation

Interdependence, this mutual dependence of all action and inaction, will ultimately radiate a positive impact on human interaction and existence. Use of clean energy, technology for the good of all and sustainable management. Finally, new forms of trade and learning will be the result and the recognition and promotion of the individuality of each person (with education) will be granted.


As inside, so the outside

As within, so without. As in heaven, so on Earth. All reflects always an underlying process is in consciousness. Just as in our body disease just can not be explained as the absence of health, it behaves in socially. Here are poverty and affluence different polarities and extreme situations as impact of an awareness of mediocrity. The right attitude would be the medium size of wealth, much like in the physical healing begins with knowledge.