Winners 2014

The year 2014 began for jury and advisory board with the forthcoming enlargement of the MIND AWARD to the artistic-visual category and with the award of a woman.

Dr. Franz Alt and Declan Kennedy

Prof. Declan Kennedy and Dr. Franz Alt have been honoured for their lifetime achievements at a ceremony in Ransbach-Baumbach. For decades, both have demonstrated a deep commitment to sustainable, cost-effective  environmental protection and have been actively engaged in promoting and propagating its cause. Franz Alt, who is a friend of the Dalai Lama, proposes tangible opportunities for renewable forms of energy, solar technology and solar economy. Architect Professor Kennedy, a co-founder of Gaia University, has been engaged for many years in proving that ecology and economy are not mutually exclusive.

The best thing is: The energy revolution is such present here, and the urban phenomenon of "urban gardening" is only a fraction of permaculture and ecological movement.

After the opening speeches by the Mayor Michael Merz, visitors and guests were treated to a program with recurring musical accompaniment by Kim Bonnick and Lina custom, and ceremony with presentation speech and lectures.

Dr. Martina Violetta Jung described in her speech Prof. Kennedy as indigenous, yes unexcited visionary who always thinks in solutions. Recently they came up with almost thirty managers to life garden, where it succeeded the 80th with ease to convince these people initially critical of permaculture.

Michael Musil spoke as a representative of the Green Westerwald the eulogy for Dr. Alt. Especially as he himself relates the Sunday newsletter with useful information and Alt experienced several times, he drew an affirmative conclusion for the life and work of Franz Alt

Following the award ceremony Franz Alt spoke about the energy transition as ethical and moral challenge, he showed "what and why". Declan Kennedy showed "how" (by just do it) and entered into a dialogue with the audience.

The presentation by Dr. Franz Alt "On the Sunny Side - Why makes us the energy transition winners" laid bare truths about energy policy, which are concealed by the mass media or randomly distorted. Already a quarter of our needs are met by green energy: The energy revolution has made Germany a pioneer of alternative energy sources and global techniques. Franz Alt put in his lecture shows how strong the ecological energies are already on the rise worldwide, and why it is both alternative and unstoppable. The 75 year old showed that he is rightly a model for journalism, truth and ecology.

Prof. Declan Kennedy on "The ecological problem situation, the solution is", however, showed the interested audience in concrete ways. The Irish architect reported extensively on his local as international networking, sustainable permaculture economy and revealed again and again that you just have to start. So Kennedy had planted nearly 3,000 trees themselves in the course of his life around the world. Finally he went in exchange with the audience in detail to questions and had a profound answers.
Finally, the conclusion by Kim Bonnick and Lina custom "Piano meets Violin" with the finest classical music were brought against 19.20 clock.

The photo shows v.l.n.r. Achim art, Dr. Alt, Lina custom, Kim Bonnick, Prof. Kennedy, uror Wolfgang Maiworm, juror Thomas Künne, Mayor Merz, Michael Musil, Berthold Steudter (Deputy Mayor)

All those involved and present our thanks for being there and awareness!

Your MIND AWARD jury


Preistraeger 2014-11-02-Alt-Kennedy

Honouring the hospice association Westerwald with the special award


On 13th September 2014 our jury honoured the hospice association Westerwald for its great educational work and commitment. The award ceremony has taken place in Montabaur.

The selection of the honourees is also related to the history of the MIND AWARD that is interconnected.

The first link can be associated with the deceased Thomas Huf who was a foundation member of the economic juniors Westerwald-Lahn. The planned residential hospice in Dernbach will also be named after him.

The other link relates to the first award winner in 2010, the entrepreneur and pilot Reiner Meutsch who established the foundation FLY & HELP that is committed to the right of education for children and teenagers in developing countries. The trigger for the establishment of the prize was one of his speeches he held at a JCI meeting in Westerwald-Lahn in October 2009.   


Additional thoughts have gone into the awarding of a special prize - in general it was the tremendous educational and awareness raising work of the hospice, in particular the strong regional commitment.

It all came about at the beginning of 2014, when the Westerwald-Lahn JCIs help achieve synergies and opportunities for exchange. Not least because Achim Kunst, a long-time board member and initiator of the MIND AWARD, could convince the independent members of the jury to award a prize - especially with respect to lived values and the quality of life, which are both addressed by the hospice movement.

 tl_files/mindaward/img/Preistraeger/Hospizverein-WW-IMG_5204 - Kopie.jpg


Sixty-three men and women founded The Hospice Association Westerwald e.V. in 1998.

To this day, 385 people and 12 institutions make up this association.

Two full-time qualified hospice employees and fifty-five volunteers advise and counsel terminally ill patients and their relatives in what they call their homes: in their domestic environment, in nursing homes, in hospitals, in palliative care units, and in near future also in the in-patient hospice St. Thomas in Dernbach. 


By means of public relations and projects like “Hospiz macht Schule” (Hospices are catching on), as well as through the annual Westerwald hospice day and the hospice announcements, published three times a year, the topics of death, the deceased and mourning are brought up for discussion – in schools, groups and communities.

The male and female volunteers are being thoroughly prepared for their commitment by means of a 100-hour training course as well as with internships. The personal engagement of the matter, the supporting knowledge transfer as well as the approach and action in the hospice support play a central role. All of this follows the principle by Cicely Saunders: “You matter because you are you, and you matter to the end of your life.
We will do all we can not only to help you die peacefully, but also to live until you die.” Cicely Saunders, a doctor and nurse, initiated the modern hospice and palliative movement in Great Britain during the 70s.

tl_files/mindaward/img/Preistraeger/Hospizverein-WW-IMG_5187 - Kopie.jpg

In the past sixteen years, the collaboration between professionals, institutions and the voluntary hospice and palliative counselling service made a comprehensive hospice and palliative network for the in- and out-patient care possible.

Further information can be found on and

Dr. Ruediger Dahlke (M.D.)

Presentation of the MIND AWARD to Dr. Ruediger Dahlke (M.D.)

This evening will remain unforgettable! On Friday the 23rd of May, DIE LAAANGE NACHT DES BEWUSSTSEINS (The long night of awareness) was on everyone’s lips. At the centre of it all German doctor, psychotherapist, and author, Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, who was to be honoured.
The special award is awarded by recommendation only for special achievement or for a life’s work. The award is presented by the initiators, the advisory board and the chairperson of the advisory board.

tl_files/mindaward/img/Preistraeger/2014-Ruediger-Dahlke_Foto-Skulptur -2.jpgDr. Ruediger Dahlke was honored in the town hall for his life's work with the Special Award for Education and Research. The well-known physician and bestselling author (over 60 books published) is replaced by the recognition of the judges, not least because of its precise conclusions integral lifestyle and interdisciplinary science-based work. Dr. med. Ruediger Dahlke, born 1951, studied Medicine in Munich.

Achim Kunst, along with the mayor of the town and head of the association, Michael Merz, said a few words to open the ceremony. A series of exciting and enthralling speeches given by Dr. Ruediger Dahlke ensued. Dr. Dahlke spoke on the topics of “illness as a sign” and “peace food” in which he highlighted in a very humorous way just how important the mind-body-soul connection and a healthy diet really are.
In his talk, Dahlke highlighted the patterns of some of the most significant diseases worldwide, citing international studies offering core insights into what the subtext says and what we still need to learn about these diseases. His “peace food” message clearly outlined how simply choosing not to consume milk products and meat can reduce fear and increase quality of life considerably, which affects how one feels at peace inside and out.
The break was used by many of the guests to have CDs and books signed by Dr. Dahlke himself.
At 8:30 pm, the long-awaited award ceremony finally began with musical accompaniment by Antje Nagula, who sang “Ich bin Licht” (I am light).

In his speech, Dr. Peter Orban offered amusing anecdotes of his first encounters with Dr. Dahlke back in 1982, including comments made by Dahlke on his “blissful” experiences at one of the breathing seminars he had attended. Dahlke had told Orban: “writing is not really my thing”. That this wasn’t exactly true, was soon to be revealed, not only in terms of the extensive support Dahlke offered Orban in his own work, but also through Dahlke’s own work as a doctor, lecturer and through his countless publications.
To close, Achim Kunst read the certificate out aloud, which had, for the most part, been penned by Dr. Dahlke’s long-term friend and companion, Wolfgang Maiworm (also a jury member in the past).
Ruediger Dahlke received his award from Dr. Orban and received the sculpture from Antje Nagula (who herself had previously been presented with the same award). Flowers were then presented by the mayor, Mr Merz, after which Antje Nagula sang “Laudato Si”, which was the perfect way to bring the ceremony to a close.
Full of energy and feeling invigorated, Ruediger Dahlke went on to give his last talk on the topic of “the rules of destiny—rules for life”. He spoke with humour, involving an audience that was still very much wide awake and enthusiastic. Alongside talking about the rules that govern the world, of polarity and resonance and their natural order in the world, he also spoke of the practical application of these laws and the consequences one should expect.
At the close of his talk, and despite the late hour (11:00pm), questions were still coming from over one hunDr.ed enthusiastic guests, who were curious to know more about what the talk meant to them and their lives.
The last round of talks and questions took place just before midnight. Ruediger Dahlke made time for his audience—it was a “long night of awareness” in all senses of the term. The topics are sure to resonate for weeks to come.

Antje Nagula

MIND AWARD 2014 Special Award
To honour Antje Nagula at the Ways to happiness congress

On Sunday, 13th April 2014, singer and sound researcher Antje Nagula, was honoured with the MIND AWARD Special Award at the Ways to happiness congress in Königstein. The “Ways to happiness” congress offered the ideal platform with speakers such as Dr. Ruediger Dahlke and Jürgen Fliege who spoke on the topic. The award was presented on the midday stage by the initiator himself, Achim Kunst, juror and event director, Wolfgang Maiworm, and laudatory, Leela Sylvia.

tl_files/mindaward/img/Preistraeger/2014 Sonderpreis Nagula bei Wege ins Glueck - fb.jpgAntje Nagula has been married to music and song for as long as she can remember; she composes, produces and sings her songs herself, combining artistic elements and the exploration of sound into one. She has supported research in sonology based upon her work and her experience with sound and voice, building an artistic bridge that unites the two fields. Talking of bridges—international ones—her CD is also due to come out in the US shortly.
With five CDs under her belt, Antje Nagula is now one of the leading mantra artists, singing in German, English and Sanskrit. She started playing the violin at 12 and at 18 she started her vocal studies at the Music Academy Frankfurt. After overcoming a chronic illness, she turned to spirituality and found a new way to channel her voice, using it in fascinating ways for holistic healing.

Leela Isani talked about a close confidante and how a strong allergic reaction dashed her hopes of being on the stage overnight. In 2002, Nagula helped her find her voice again thanks to a mantra recitation and soon after, she began her educational training as a Nada Brahma sinologist at the Sonology Association in Kassel.

Antje Nagula says: “The infinite possibilities that open up as a result of my knowledge of the strength of the sounds themselves will have a decisive influence on my art over the next few years. I have made it my goal to give sound—as the basis for all creation—the meaning and the importance in this world that it deserves!”

New findings in physics describe the same concept as can be found in old scriptures: all life is based upon oscillations and vibrations. This fact allows us to investigate life based upon its individual oscillatory properties. The respective investigative measures used with humans show that each person has their own individual frequency—his or her own fundamental “tone”. This “sound” is and can be used as an unchanging centre and source of energy, stillness and calmness that accompanies a person throughout their entire lives. Nada Bahama sonology utilises the 12 tones used in western music system.
“For the future and for future prize winners, we are happy about any opportunity for cooperation and support that provides added value. We would like to thank Mr Maiworm for his dedication and time spent organising the congress and convincing such excellent speakers to join us on topics of great interest,” said initiator, Achim Kunst.