Previous winners of the MIND AWARD in reverse chronological order


Dr. Hans-Joachim Maaz, psychiatrist and author


Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther, holistic brainscientist


Dr. Daniele Ganser. Historian and peace researcher


2017/2018 - five Winners in the categroy "art & culture"
1 - first Awardee: The program with the mouse
2 - second Awardee: Beate Heinen
3 - third awardees: Deva Premal & Miten
4 -fourth awardee: Rainer Holbe
5 - fifth awardee: Sabrina Fox

2016 - Hans Cousto

2015 - Dieter Broers and Jürgen Fliege]
Both have earned in the field of sustainable awareness raising and research for decades.
Jürgen Fliege, Germany's best known pastor, TV and radio host, filmmaker and journalist, is a highly tolerant protagonist for being behind religion spiritual experiences. This kind he expresses in his personal style, intensive workshops and lectures, as well as via its charitable Fliege Foundation.
Dr. Dieter Broers has been researching the eighties as a bio-physicist in the field of frequency and regulation therapy. He also was appointed to the International Council for Scientific Development (ICSD), which includes, inter alia, 100 Nobel Prize winners. His results and brilliant expositions build a bridge between science and spirituality in a very concrete everyday form. To a wider public he was known in particular through the two movies (R)Evolution 2012 and Solar Revolution.

2014 - Dr. Franz Alt and Prof. Declan Kennedy
Our panel of judges praised the two celebrities for their life's work. The best thing is: The energy revolution is absolutely present, and the urban phenomenon of "urban gardening" is only a fraction of permaculture and ecological movement.
Both have merits in the field of sustainable environmental protection with economic efficiency over decades and used forming. The friend of the Dalai Lama Franz Alt offers concrete proposals for renewable energy, solar construction and solar farms. The architect and Professor Kennedy for years as the proof of the compatibility of ecology and economics and is co-founder of Gaia University.

2014 - Hospice foundation Ruediger Dahlke and Antje Nagula
On 13th September our jury honoured the hospice association Western forest for its great educational work and commitment. The award ceremony has taken place in Montabaur.
On Friday the 23rd of May we honoured bestseller-author and therapist Dr. Ruediger Dahlke for his life-work until Midnight for his-Work and integral Life.
On April 13, 2014, the singer and sound researcher Antje Nagula received the special prize for her exploration of sound on individual vibrational properties.

2013 - Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp
With the first special prize for Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp the MIND AWARD was first expanded to include science and research. In October 2013 Prof. Dr. Popp received the Award for lifetime achievement for work on bio photons – light quanta that are part of the ultra-weak photon emission of biological origin.

2012 - second public voting
The jury award 2012/2013 was chosen from seven nominees, using the Borda method we know from the Eurovision Song Contest.
Winner of the MIND AWARD 2012/13 was Platz da, ich lebe! (“Make way over, I’m alive!”) – a book project that creates awareness for life by Dr. Peter Prange and “guests” of the Hospiz Balthasar in Olpe, Germany, which was also supported by hospice guest, Christian Nickels.
Second place was awarded to Haus Buchenried of the VHS Munich (largest German adult education centre), closely followed by the VHS Neuwied in third place.
On 10th August, the MIND AWARD Special Prize 2012 was presented to Zivile Koalition (Civil Coalition) and (Check your MP) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany for their information campaign about the ESM fiscal contract which played a major role in ensuring that the Federal Constitutional Court made a ruling on the ESM agreement. Beatrix von Storch and her husband Sven von Storch accepted the award at the Frankfurt stock exchange. 

2011 - first public voting
In 2011/2012, the award winners were determined exclusively by a public online poll, so as to leave the decision entirely in the hands of the public.
The eventual winner was Joachim Franz and his “World Aids Awareness Expedition” (waae), who won the prize in recognition of his and his team’s responsible and sustained global commitment to education and information.
Second place went to the initiative for Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen (Unconditional Basic Income) by Professor Götz Werner, founder of the dm-drogeriemarkt retail chain.
Third place went to to the Zukunftswerkstatt (Workshop for the Future) and Kunstpark (Art Park) “Mariposa” on Tenerife, which, to its inspiring constitution, acts as a think tank.

2010 - Reiner Meutsch
In 2010/2011, the first MIND AWARD was presented to the popular entrepreneur and radio DJ Reiner Meutsch and his foundation “FLY & HELP”, working for children’s and adolescents’ right to education in the developing world.
The founder of the travel company “Berge & Meer” (Mountains & Sea) realised his lifelong dream of travelling the world in a small aircraft after selling the company. He combined this journey with his goal of building or promoting schools on all the continents he visited and establishing one hundred schools worldwide – long-term.
Both the “FLY & HELP” claim “Education for everyone” as well as the reference to the UN resolution emphasise the right to education and the unity of all people.

Everything started when Reiner Meutsch spoke to the Junior Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Westerwald-Lahn, Germany) about his “FLY & HELP” project in 2009. His plan to travel around the world to promote education and his personal integrity convinced everyone present.

A few days later, on 15th October, Achim Kunst read an article about the alternative Nobel Prize, wich was the catalyst and inspiration for the “MIND AWARD”.