A warm-aware Welcome!


Everything is the result of consciousness
Peace, rest, exercise, creativity, decisions... Ideologies and whole states with their education systems arise corresponding with awareness. Indeed, even in the physical sense at first all was consciousness, because every machine, every bridge and every great building exists first as an idea. Already the career choices based on the fact to be aware of what one can and will. Models in leadership and policy, current values in business and corporate culture with valuations in the monetary system and financial system are consequences. Or the knowledge and understanding of global and biological contexts. Not least, sports, arts and cultural expression of their (national) consciousness and time-spirit. Especially in music the consciousness of each generation, state and nation shapes the individual style.


Now is the time to be aware
For a long time the fee is no more the main motivation factor in professional life. Meaning, joy and social harmony have today a much greater weight. The MIND AWARD recognizes research and science as well as new ideas, impulses and actions for education of "new" consciousness up to practical solutions. Therefore, the MIND AWARD is assigned annually to deserving individuals and organizations in education and upbringing. The time is ripe.


Solutions for tomorrow. Today!

Goals, meaning and purpose of MIND AWARD are promotion of education and increase of knowledge as "tools" for spiritual development in an increasingly interdependent world. Find for human vision and future projects, the ways and means of human knowledge to provide. Only education and research services beyond the known limits can detect and produce solutions, and in the following contemporary approaches with global sustainability.

World premiere in a turn-time

The MIND AWARD honors as the first international prize people and events of international significance and reach for awareness. In addition, the MIND AWARD supports synergies between all Liefeparts in society and thus it promotes progress and prosperity in all areas of life – specifically and concrete up to international culture and exchange in Unity and Peace.



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